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Child Custody Lawyer, Pelham CityAlabama Child Custody And Visitation Lawyers

The best interests of the child are the most important consideration in determining child custody and visitation. At Pino Law Firm P.C. in Shelby County, Alabama, we assist divorcing couples in establishing custody arrangements and modifying them as needed.

At Pino Law Firm P.C., we represent our clients with establishing sole custody and joint child custody arrangements and visitation agreements. In establishing those schedules and quantifying the amount of time either parent wants to spend with their children, the courts focus on the best interests of the child.


It is possible to modify child custody, visitation, and child support arrangements after a final order is entered. Ensuring the welfare of the child and protecting their best interests means that there must be a material change in circumstances to justify a modification. A new employer in a different state, change of work, or a remarriage can necessitate a modification, sometimes from sole custody to joint custody and vice versa. Modifications when there are blended families with different custody arrangements and visitation schedules for all the children in the household can be challenging.

A continuing relationship with either parent is vital for a child’s well being. Attorney Jim Pino works hard to present a convincing case to modify child support for his clients or defend them if they are disputing a modification put forth by their ex-spouse.

Is Being At-fault Hurtful Your Custody Case In Alabama?

If a Judge makes a determination that physical abuse occurred, there is a legal presumption that the spouse is not fit for custody. That can have severe impacts on child custody.

Infidelity can negatively impact the welfare and best interest of the child. A legal standard that the court applies is whether or not the affair affects the children, which can impact custody.

How Is Custody Determined In Alabama? Does Your Child Have A Say In Their Custody Arrangement?

The custody determination and the use of the child’s input are at the judge’s discretion. This means that a judge determines whether or not a child can testify to give feedback about where the child wants to live.

The judge is not bound by a child’s testimony but can consider that testimony as just one piece of the evidence in the whole trial. They can put that together with all the other evidence in the case. But there is not a set age where a child can decide where they want to live.

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