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“Jeff Pino has been my attorney since 2017 in my initial divorce. His knowledge and level of professionalism in and out of the courtroom surpassed every expectation I had. He made me feel that the case was personal to him. Jeff was always quick to reply to any of my communications and always made sure I understood everything as things progressed. He worked diligently and always kept me updated on the status of my case. When all was said and done, and the case was settled. I feel that it was the best possible outcome at the time. Fast forward to 2021, I had to use Jeff’s services once again to fight for obtaining custody of my children from the above mentioned divorce. Because of Jeff’s performance in his services in my prior case, I insisted on him handing this tough battle for me. He once again surpassed every expectation I had. Jeff always stayed in communication with me as things progressed during this stressful time. He was diligent in his researching and developing my case. His level of knowledge and professionalism was just amazing. He really fought hard for me and my children. I am so happy and proud to say that after a long and stressful battle, I now have sole custody of my two boys. The kind of defense that it takes for a father to obtain custody of his children in these current times, statistically, is extremely hard to do. Jeff made it happen. I am so proud to say that because of Jeff, my boys are happy, thriving, and receiving every opportunity and advantage I can provide them towards their growth and development. My boys now have a bright future ahead of them. Jeff made it all happen. I am forever thankful. Needless to say, I highly recommend Jeff Pino.”– Robert W.

“I highly recommend Jeff Pino for divorce, custody, or any other legal matter that he can address. Jeff genuinely cares about his clients, is extremely knowledgeable of the law & potential outcomes, is very responsive, and works extremely hard for you. I’m extremely happy, satisfied, and believe that I 100% made a fantastic choice by retaining his and their firms services. You’ll be very happy and satisfied as well!”– Aaron B.

“Jeff Pino is simply amazing! After having a situation arise with family court and another attorney stating inflated promises and not managing the case correctly, I discovered Jeff.
Choose your lawyer wisely! Most of the time you need a lawyer it’s not for the best moments and when that time comes you need someone experienced and reliable, and who will advocate on your behalf.

Jeff was always proactive in sharing status updates and transparent in his guidance. I always felt informed and if not he was there to quickly answer any questions. With the last attorney, I would stay up at night with worry but with Jeff I was quickly put at ease and knew I had the right attorney. Save yourself time, money and sleepless nights and call Jeff. I already plan on using him with our estate planning needs. The staff in his office were always helpful too.”– Jessica S.

“Jim Pino was my 2nd lawyer for my divorce and thank goodness I went with him! My first lawyer was only familiar with Jefferson co and my case was in Shelby. This gave him a big disadvantage over lawyers that were plugged into Shelby. Jim was more per hour but absolutely worth every dime. You get what you pay for in a lawyer. He has been President of the Shelby Co Lawyers Assoc (twice) and knows so many people. His son will take over the business one day and he is an excellent lawyer as well. Jim is a master in the courtroom and cuts the other lawyers to ribbons. He knows the law inside and out and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My case went on for nearly 2 years since my now ex-wife filed for divorce and my only regret was not having Jim first. My 1st lawyer unfortunately created issues that carried forward after Jim took over. Choose your lawyer carefully and whether your divorce/child custody issues are complicated like mine were or simple, consult with Jim Pino first! If I need any lawyer services in the future he will be the first one I call! He’s a rock star!!!”– Steve D.

“Jim has been my attorney since 2015 and has been a huge asset to not only my family but to our business as well. I cannot say enough about him and his abilities. He was referred to me by another attorney which in itself speaks volumes. Pino & Associates will be our law firm for all our business and personal needs!”– Vicki R.

“Jim Pino is a EXCEPTIONAL lawyer. He also g with his staff Vicky and Michelle care about the client. I highly recommend Jim puno and Associates. You will never regret it!!!”– KRISTI G

“In December 2015 Jim Pino was referred to me by a family friend, also an attorney and who’s advice and opinion matter greatly to me. I needed an attorney who would fight for me. To help and advise me with a divorce after 23 years of marriage. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be anywhere close to pretty, much less easy for a multitude of reasons. But I also knew that I had “hit my wall” and it was necessary. I also knew that I was going to have to have an attorney that would work with me, not just for me. I had been married since I was 21…. nothing about anything was easy and I was terrified about everything. And that’s exactly what Jim did for me. Jim and his amazing staff helped me through one of the hardest times of my life and helped me find myself again. I would and do, recommend Pino Law Firm P.C. to any and everyone who asks. Thank you Jim and thank you to your awesome staff!!”– Tara D

“Mr Pino is a fantastic lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and explains the process so you can understand what to expect. He lets you make the final decisions, but gives his honest opinion on how it will play out with the judge. He puts his heart and soul into you and your case and he “brings it” if it comes to the courtroom. I will never recommend or use anyone else! He is amazing!”– Ashley W.

“Jim and staff 5 stars! Jim, was my own personal super hero. He is trustworthy, knows the law, fair-minded and straight forward. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Jim Pino and Associates.”– Teresa C.

“There is not enough space to share my experience with Jim and the entire staff. They have worked with me for over a decade (11) years. Almost daily, many nights, weekends even when they’ve been on vacation. Never once failing to jump up to the emergency, or simply to make sure my son was protected. Because of Jim and his family, staff and associates, I have been given the opportunity to have a wonderful relationship with my little boy. He’s stood in my defense against 17 different lawyers, sometimes 5 against 1. His son has stood with me as well. We’ve had multiple trials, most recently he postponed major surgery and suffered through a 4 day trial. Agonizing in Pain against 4 very reputable lawyers. Not to mention, he did this for 1/5 of the money the other guys were being paid. He did it because he cares and felt that it was in my son’s best interest and we’ll being. Just today, our order was issued. Once again, his hard work and character and one of a kind skill prevailed. I still have sole custody and I am assured a meaningful relationship with the most important thing in my life. I can never repay Jim for his decade long dedication to making sure we’re protected. If you need help, a brief visit with him will reveal the true character and heart he puts into making sure justice prevails. My name is Gordon Madden and I would be happy to share my story with you.”– Gordon M.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim Pino for more than thirty years. I was very young, married for seven years and had a five year old daughter undergoing a messy divorce with a custody battle with little means of financial support. Mr. Pino gladly took my case as if I was one of his own family members. He gave me the confidence to fight for what was right for me and my daughter for the future. The outcome could not have turned out more perfect in my favor. Fast forward thirty years… I sadly needed Mr. Pino’s service once again. The older you get the more complicated divorce has become. There was no question who I needed to handle my divorce. Mr. Pino is an excellent attorney. His entire life has been surrounded by law. As a lawyer he is dedicated to his clients making sure they are treated fairly as he did for me. I found Mr. Pino to be honest and straight forward. I am forever grateful for his kindness and understanding at such a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend him with confidence. You will not find a more qualified attorney.”– Twantah M.

“Jim Pino represented me during one of the most difficult times of my life. After my dad had passed and I was distraught over the misuse of power of attorney, he got a very difficult estate issue resolved for me and my children. If it had not been for him, as my attorney, I do not know if I would have made it. He and his staff are very professional, courteous, and kind. It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Jim Pino and Associates.”– Cynthia H

“Mr.Jim Pino was an answered prayer. My daughter and I needed an experienced, sharp and aggressive attorney. We were referred to Mr.Pino in the middle of our case, which is difficult at best. I can’t imagine there was anyone better able to represent us. Divorce and Custody can be brutal. He came in strong and started getting results. He is excellent in the court room during cross examination. He didn’t let the opposing attorney badger me and entered evidence in a concise and understandable process. I would definitely recommend Mr.Pino for any legal issue. His expertise aside, he is very understanding and helped guide me in a painful process. I am forever grateful.”– J. CL

“Mr. Pino was referred to me by another attorney who could not represent me due to conflict of interest. The exact words of the referring attorney was, “If my wife and I was to get a divorce it would be a foot race to Jim Pino’s office.” My divorce was not a clean cut. It was drawn out and very complicated. Not one time did Mr. Pino or his staff referred to my case as MY/YOUR case; they always said we, us, and ours. They really made me feel as if they was fighting with me, not just for me. Mr. Pino is very knowledgeable and experienced in law, he will not let the system push him or you around. I was only asking for my rights as a parent; on the day of our initial consultation as I was leaving he to me, “I will get you what deserve and then some.” He held true to his words. I highly recommend Mr. Pino, his office will be my first call for any legal matter that I may face in the future.”– Joseph K.

“If you’re looking for a no nonsense attorney that will fight for you, you’ve found the right place. Jim Pino does what he says!”– Debra K.

“Jeff Pino represented our family recently. He is proffessional, knowledgeable, and an awesome litigator. Highly recommend him or his firm for any legal matter”– Teri W.

“Jim Pino has been our families attorney for over 10 years. I highly recommend him for any legal services. Great service that has brought value to our family.”– David C.

“I was at my best friends wedding as well as her divorce. Mr. Jim Pino was her divorce lawyer who guided her and supported her through the mediation until the divorce proceedings. Mr. Pino knew how her ex had treated her and calmed her during this horrible time of her life. She is a smart, loving, and kind woman who had an ex who treated her so cruelly. Mr. Pino was always there for her to get through this and was fighting for her to the very end of the divorce proceedings. My friend was a winner in the end because of Mr. Pino’s experience and commitment to help her. Thank you Mr. Pino for being her lawyer!”– Beverly G.

“Jim was referred to me by a friend when my lawyer could no longer help me with my case. His knowledge, experience, professionalism, compassion, fairness, and swiftness surpass any divorce/family lawyer in Birmingham/Shelby co. He is a quick, no nonsense lawyer in the courtroom who refuses to lose. His staff is wonderful!! I have referred several friends to him and will continue to use his services if the need arises.”– Brooke L.

“Mr. Pino and his son Jeff Pino represented me in my divorce that required them to be pro active in implementing the Alabama State relocation laws. My son was relocated back to the State of Alabama. My divorce was a success thanks to Jim, Jeff and the professional legal staff that Jim has on hand. Sincerely, Chris Meadows”– Christopher M.

“Jim was referred to me by a family member who had used him with their case. Jim helped me with my divorce and custody case and was very helpful and understanding. Jim and his staff were great to work with and communicated great with me about my case.”– Lauren V.

“Mr. Pino went above and beyond to help me. He explained everything very thoroughly and let me know what to expect. He was honest and gave me options. I have used Mr. Pino on a few occasions with success every time. I highly recommend using Mr.Pino.”– Jeremy N.

“Jim is a great attorney and is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and honest. He has a great staff that is very responsive. I would definitely recommend Pino Law Firm P.C.”– Brian Y.

“Fair, understanding, knowledgeable, great courtroom skills, great staff!”– Vickie H.

“Very friendly, helpful and reasonably priced”– Vivian S

“Best Lawyers I have ever used”– Sharon J.

“Friendly very helpful.”– Frieda P.