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Drug Distribution Charges In Alabama StateThis article will cover:

  1. The nature of drug distribution charges in Alabama and how the amount and type of drug can impact the severity of the charge.
  2. The potential penalties associated with drug distribution convictions in Alabama, including the possibility of jail time and restrictions on clearing your record.
  3. The available defenses and the importance of working with an Alabama drug defense attorney to ensure the best possible outcome, even if you are planning to plead guilty.

Is Drug Distribution Or Sale Of Drugs In Alabama Charged As A Misdemeanor Or A Felony?

Drug distribution or sale of drugs is always charged as a felony in Alabama.

How Does The Amount Or Type Of Drug Impact The Charge?

If you are found with an excessive amount of drugs, it is presumed that it’s not for personal use. For instance, possessing one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana is charged as a trafficking offense, and 28 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine is considered a trafficking offense as well. All such cases result in felony charges and carry harsher penalties.

What Are The Penalties For Drug Distribution Conviction In Alabama?

Drug distribution is a Class B felony, which carries a sentence of two to twenty years for your first offense.

I Was Arrested And Charged With Drug Distribution In Alabama. It’s My First Offense, Am I Going To Jail Or Prison?

If this is your first offense, and there are no aggravating factors like possession of a firearm or prior criminal history, you may be eligible for probation. This means you may receive a jail sentence, but you will be placed on probation, and the jail sentence will remain suspended over your head for several years.

I Have Been Charged With Drug Distribution In Alabama, Can I Clear My Records After I’m Convicted?

Unfortunately, there is no way to clear your record if you are convicted of drug distribution.

Can I Get Into Drug Courts For A Drug Distribution Charge In Alabama?

No, drug court is reserved for people who have drug possession cases for personal use. It is meant to rehabilitate drug users instead of punishing them. If you are caught with drugs with the intent to sell them, you are not eligible for drug court.

What Are Defenses To Drug Distribution Charges In Alabama?

Defenses to drug distribution charges are complicated because often you may be set up by a confidential informant or recorded with marked money. To approach this, you can try to discredit the confidential informant or the undercover police officer. Another approach is to see if the case occurred in a different county other than the one you’re being charged in, which may allow you to have the charges dismissed.

If the warrant for your arrest or the search warrant is defective, then you can have the evidence against you suppressed by a judge. If the evidence is suppressed, the prosecution cannot move forward without certain pieces of evidence.

If I’m Going To Plead Guilty To My Drug Distribution Charge, Do I Still Need To Hire An Alabama Drug Defense Attorney?

Yes, even if you’re going to plead guilty, you will need an attorney to ensure you receive the lightest and most lenient sentence possible. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf to get a plea deal and a less severe punishment.

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